How to wash African Print Clothing

Wash Care Tip :​​We thought it would be beneficial to share the best ways to care for your African print clothing and African print fabric so that you get your money’s worth! If the fabric is of high quality and authentic, African print fabric and modern Afrocentric clothing can last for many years if properly cared for.

Knowing how to care for your Ankara fabric boils down to knowing how to wash Ankara properly. Below are the best tips that ensure you don’t wash your fabric to a dead state. And know for sure that they also apply to other African textiles.

Option 1: Using a Washer

To help ensure the longevity of African print fabric, women’s African print clothing and African menswear we recommend that you follow these simple wash care instructions:

1) Machine cold with similar colors. We recommend 30 degrees or a cold wash setting if using a machine.

2) If you are washing African wax print clothing, turn the garment(s) inside out when washing in the machine

3) Use mild washing powder

4) Use a gentle machine setting such as ‘hand wash’ to avoid the spin cycle

5) Line dry out of direct sunlight as the sun can cause color damage

6) Iron using the cotton setting

Option 2: Hand washing

1. Wash with a Drop of Salt

When washing your fabric, add a tablespoon of salt to the water. This will help to keep the fabric dye in place and prevent it from bleeding its color.

You can also add a tablespoon of salt to the rinsing water too.

2. Use Baking Soda or Vinegar to Erase Stains

Is there a stain on your ankara fabric? Don’t bleach it.

Instead, add baking soda or vinegar to your wash water. Then rinse properly when you are done.

3. Wash Inside-out

This tip isn’t needed to care for your jeans alone. You also need it to care for your ankara clothes. Turn your ankara inside out when washing whether with a washing machine or with your hands.

4. Wash with Cold Water

Don’t use hot water to wash your fabric. It’ll wind up losing its color. Use cold water instead and don’t add bleach to it.

5. Use Bar Soaps

Say no to detergent for your ankara garments. Detergents are harsh and known to kill the color of fabrics. Use bar soaps instead. They aren’t harsh compared to detergents.

6. Hand-wash Your Fabric

You can actually use the washing machine, quite alright. But it’s best you hand-wash your ankara garments.

This is because washing machines and dryers can be hard on these clothes and ruin them.

However, if you still want to use a machine, then set it to 30 degrees or a cold wash setting.

7. Don’t Sun-dry for too Long

The sun already is a harsh natural element. Just as it causes sunburn, it also fades out fabric color. Hence, if you want to dry these garments in the sun, let them be for a short time. Other than that, dry in a shade instead.

And remember not to wash your Ankara pieces regularly. I advise that when you wear it once, air-dry it rather than washing it. Frequent washing will make it fade quickly.

We hope you have found this information helpful. If you have any more questions about caring for your African wax print fabric or garments, please get in touch. You can browse our  unique collection of African print clothing and accessories by visiting our African boutique online.